Devon wins at Inter-County Leagues finals

The National Finals of the Inter-County Leagues took place at Coventry Bridge Club on Sunday 24th June.

Congratulations to Devon who won the 'A' final for the first time.

Oxfordshire won the 'B' Division final, and Hertfordshire the 'C' Division title for the third year in succession.

Pictured are the Devon team (L to R: Richard Lingham, Stefan Lindfors, Harry Anoyrkatis, Gillian Fawcett, Ann Slee, Warner Solomon, Joe Fawcett, Alex Maddocks)

Leslie team wins Hubert Phillips Bowl

The Hubert Phillips Bowl - the mixed pivot teams knockout competition - has been won by Paula Leslie, David Gold, Tom Paske, Susanna Gross, Richard Hillman and Graham Orsmond (not pictured).

In Sunday's final they beat the team of Brian Senior, Sandra Penfold, Justin Hackett & Nevena Senior by "about 500 points" (aggregate scoring is used).

Tunbridge Wells wins Garden Cities Trophy

Tunbridge Wells BC has won the Garden Cities Trophy, the competition for each county's 'teams-of-eight champions'.

The final featured the eight teams which qualified from the Regional Finals which took place in April, and Tunbridge Wells finished in first with 101 VPs. Deva BC was second with 89 VPs, and Reading BC was third with 76 VPs.

The winning Tunbridge Wells team was Colin Wilson, Espen Erichsen, Helen Erichsen, Steve Barnfield, Gerald Soper, Jeremy Willans, Frances Connell and Ian Draper. This was Ian's fifth victory in the competition, making him one of the most successful players in the event's history (Steve Green and Roger Bryant of Coventry BC have also won five times).


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