Junior fundraising passes halfway mark

We are delighted to report that fundraising for the junior teams' participation in the World Youth Team Championships has passed £30,000. This means we are over halfway to our primary target, and we know of more donations which are still to come. Many thanks to everyone who has donated so far.

There is still lots of time to make a donation before the young players fly to China - the event is not until August - so we can still hit our target. No donation is too small, and all are gratefully received. Individuals can make a donation through this page on the EBED webpage so gift aid can be reclaimed. Any bridge clubs, counties, or other organisations should contact us to find out how to donate.

U26 team for World Championships selected

The U26 team which will represent England in the World Youth Team Championships in China has been selected:

  • Michael Alishaw & Stephen Kennedy; Kyle Lam & Toby Nonnenmacher; Shahzaad Natt & Ben Norton; NPC: Paul Barden

For Michael, Toby and Ben this will be a second appearance at the World Youth Team Championships. The others will be making their debuts. The U16 and U21 teams can be seen here; the U26 Women's team can be seen here.

This is one of the four junior teams being supported by generous donations from amongst the EBU membership. Fundraising has passed the halfway mark, and all contributions, large or small, are gratefully received.

Norton team victorious at National Swiss Teams Congress

The team of Ben Green, Andrew Murphy, Ben Norton (part of the England U26 team for the World Championships) & Ankush Khandelwal (pictured) were emphatic winners at the National Swiss Teams Congress.

They were undefeated in their 14 matches, and finished on 207 VPs, 27 ahead of the team of Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, David Kendrick & Jeremy Dhondy. The team of Sally Brock, Barry Myers, Jeffrey Allerton & Frances Hinden were third, a further 6 VPs back.

The joint winners of the B Stratification prize were Jamie Fegarty, Liam Fegarty, Andy Cope & Henry Rose (all members of the U16 team competing in the China), and Val Cooper, Bob Foster, Valerie Ivens & David Ivens. The winners of the C Stratification prize were Sandra Squires, Annabel Hampson, Jacqueline Marsh & David Marsh.

The competition was run by Warwickshire CBA on behalf of the EBU.

Allfrey team completes Spring Foursomes triple

The Allfrey team has won the Schapiro Spring Foursomes for the third consecutive year.

In a repeat of the 2017 final, the Allfrey team (this year Alexander Allfrey, Mike Bell, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Graham Osborne & Andrew Robson) beat the Barton team (this year Rory Boland, John Carroll, Tommy Garvey, Tom Hanlon, Hugh McGann & Mark Moran).

The defeated semi-finalists were the Gillis and Oldfield teams.

We are grateful to Helen Schapiro for her continuing support of the event in memory of her husband, Boris Schapiro, who has recently been included in the EBL's new 'Stars of the Past' (see here). Helen is pictured with the winning team.

Brian Senior has been writing articles during the event, and these can be seen here: Bulletin 1; Bulletin 2; Bulletin 3.
Update: Brian has reported on the semi finals and final in his 4th Bulletin.

The members of the winning team have stretched their lead in the Player of the Year Competition, with Mike Bell atop the standings.

The primary consolation event - the Punchbowl - was won by the team of Janet de Botton, David Bakhshi, Thomas Charlesen, Thor Erik Hoftaniska, Artur Malinowski & Dror Padon (pictured here). They defeated the team of Heather Dhondy, Brian Callaghan, Gillian Fawcett & Joe Fawcett in the final.

Hamilton Cup
The Hamilton Cup - a Swiss Teams for those eliminated from the Punchbowl, or joining the event on Monday - was won by David Jones, Julian Pottage, Simon Richards, Peter Shelley & Trevor Ward.


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