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This is a knockout event, with matches played exclusively online.

It is for teams of four, from a squad of six all of whom are members of their own federation and a majority of one of the ‘home unions’.

Matches prior to the semi-finals will be played over 24 boards, the semi-finals and the final being 32 boards.

A Plate competition is available for teams which lose their first match, so everyone is guaranteed at least two matches.

There will be no prize money, but the winning team in the Cup competition will receive free entry to the competition in the following year.

Current results

2019 Cup; 2019 Plate

To enter

Please enter online through My EBU via email or by calling Nick or charlie on 01296 317203/219.


Cup - Claire Robinson, Qian Li, Neeraj Tanna, Tony Ye, Siyu Ren, Alex Hydes
Plate - Marc Smith, Steve Auchterlonie, David Carlisle, Andy Hughes, Malcolm Pryor


2020 Cup Timetable


To be completed by


8th March 2020


19th April 2020


31st May 2020


12th July 2020


23rd August 2020


4th October 2020

2020 Plate Timetable


26th April 2020


7th June 2020


19th July 2020


31st August 2020


11th October 2020

Entry Fees

The entry fee for 2020 is £33 per team.

Half-price entry is available to junior players on a pro rata basis.

The closing date for entries for 2020 will be Monday 27th January 2020

Master Points

Main competition:

Round I II III Quarterfinal Semifinal Final
Green Points 1 1 1.5 2 3 4

Plate competition:

Round I II Quarterfinal Semifinal Final
Blue Points 1 1 2 3 4


Level 4 agreements are permitted in this event.

Venue and Tariff

All matches are played online and organised privately

Previous results

The EBU Archive listing the past winners

2018 results: Cup | Plate
2017 results: Cup | Plate
2016 results: Cup | Plate
2015 results: Cup
2014 results: No Competition
2013 results: Cup

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