Pachabo Cup

Park Inn Hotel Bedford, MK42 0AR, 9th – 10th June 2018

To contact EBU staff at an event please use the Tournament hotline: 07780 673522

Entry is open only to the 2017/18 holders of the teams-of-four Championship of each County Association of EBU or, if they are unavailable, and subject to the relevant county’s approval, a combination of winners and runners up.

Please note that all team members must be properly registered and eligible in accordance with the regulations laid down by the County Association. In the absence of such regulations, the latest time at which additional players may be registered is prior to the County final. No team may originally ever have more than six registered players.

The regulations below are designed to widen the possibility of substitutions, where a County finds that the team which won its Championship cannot be fully represented in the Pachabo. These regulations are best expressed in order of preference, as follows:

  1. The County is represented by its champion team, comprising four, five or six players properly registered in accordance with County regulations or, in the absence of such, prior to the County Championship final.
  2. Alternatively, additional players from the runners-up team may be added to the champion team subject to the approval of the relevant County Association so as to make a new team of four, five or six players to participate in the Pachabo.
  3. Failing that, the County may be represented by its runners-up team, comprising four, five or six players registered as above.
  4. Please note that new/additional players may not be introduced after the County final has taken place, except as may be provided for above.
  5. County Associations may stipulate an earlier time by which eligible players must declare their availability to the County Association for the Pachabo final.

New scoring method from 2015

The Pachabo Cup has for many years, uniquely in this country, been scored by a combination of Point a Board and ‘Aggregate Quotient’. The scoring method was modified in 2015. The hybrid scoring principle remains in this new scoring method, but has been adapted so that it is more 'transparent', allowing for a better consideration of the tactics needed, and making it easier for those who wish to calculate their own score.

The new scoring format is explained in this document.

If you have any questions about the new scoring method please contact Robin Barker –, 01296 317223.

Holders - 2018

Manchester - John Holland, Rodney Lighton, Michael Newman, and Michael Byrne



Session 1

1.30pm to 6.10pm

9 matches

Session 2

7.45pm to 10.45pm

6 matches


Session 3

10.45am to 1.20pm

5 matches

Session 4

1.50pm to 4.25pm

5 matches

Entry Fees

Please note reduction in entry fees due to prize money being discontinued. Winners will be awarded medals as in the Tollemache trophy

£226 per team

Closing date for entries is entry is 23rd May 2018.

Master Points

Green Points to the top half of the field.


Level 4 agreements are permitted in all events.

Venue and Tariff

2018 Venue Details

Park Inn Bedford, 2 St. Mary´s Street, Bedfordshire, MK42 0AR

In order to take advantage of the following rates book via the EBU Accommodation Booking Service and call Bridge Overseas Freephone on: 0800 0346 246

DB&B £79.00 sharing; £89.00 single

A number of rooms are reserved for booking at this negotiated rate for a limited period of time. Any unbooked rooms are usually released for booking by the general public a few weeks before the event. Thereafter rooms may still be available, but at the hotel’s current rate. Likewise if all allocated rooms are booked then rooms may still be available, but at the hotel’s current rate. To ensure rooms are available at the negotiated rate please book as early as possible.

Terms and Conditions