Garden Cities Trophy

Regional Finals: 21st April 2018; National Final: 23rd June 2018

The Garden Cities Trophy is the EBU's inter-county championship for club teams-of-eight.

Individual players may participate in qualifying rounds in more than one County (subject to meeting the eligibility requirements of that County), but only for one club within any particular County. Having once represented a club, a player may not subsequently change his allegiance to some other club from within the same county at any stage of the competition. Bridge clubs with dual allegiance to counties must choose in which county they wish to qualify, and specify this to the EBU prior to the start of the first qualifying competition in which they will be participating. Counties must ensure that all entrants to their qualifying competition are members of the club they represent.

Entries should be submitted by the affiliated Club Secretary, who should be satisfied by the credentials of the players. Players must be members of the affiliated club, and must have been members for at least three months immediately prior to the closing date for entry to the county competition – in instances when the qualifying event is not a ‘one-off competition’, but a longer, ‘league’ format, point 1 of the Regional/National Regulations below applies. Moreover, nominated players must play regularly at the club or for the club, or contribute regularly in some other way, or have met this criterion in previous years, yet be unable to currently do so through some personal circumstance (e.g. illness, work, childcare, etc.).

It is left to individual clubs themselves to ensure that their members meet the criteria outlined below and are thus eligible to represent them. Clubs are also asked to ensure that their representatives match the ethos of the competition. If any complaints are received that a team does not meet these criteria, the club will be required to explain why they believe the players to be eligible.

For the purpose of the Regional and National Final of the event, the following regulations will apply:

  • 1. All players must be bona fide members of the club they represent, and must have been so for at least three months prior to the closing date for these stages of the competition.
  • 2. All players must be members of the EBU, but they are not required to owe primary allegiance to the County they represent.
  • 3. Players may represent one club only in the combined Regional/National phase of the competition.
  • 4. Teams are limited to eight playing members at each stage, although not necessarily the same eight in the Regional and National Final.
  • 5. Please see also the regulations applying to County Allegiance.

Regional finals

The Regional finals will be run as all-play-all events on Saturday 21st April 2018, and will start at 1pm and finish at approximately 8.30pm. Up to 50 boards will be played, with the winners and runners-up in each region qualifying for the National Final.

NORTH: Bradford Bridge Club - BD8 7HB
MIDLANDS: Peterborough Bridge Club - PE1 2PE
SOUTH EAST: Richmond Bridge Club - TW1 2PG
SOUTH WEST: Bristol Bridge Club - BS8 4QQ (parking information)

National final

The National final is played on Saturday 23rd June 2018 at West Midlands BC in Solihull.

Play will start at 1pm and finish at approximately 8.30pm. Each team will play a 7-board match against each other team.

Holders 2017:

Manchester Bridge Club: Bernard Goldenfield, Rhona Goldenfield, John Hassett, Jeff Morris, Robert Myers, Edward Levy, David Debbage & Michael Newman





Saturday 21st April 2018

1.00pm - 8.30pm

Regional finals

Saturday 23rd June 2018

1.00pm - 8.30pm

National final

Entry Fees

£276 per team including refreshments

Closing date for entries is 4th April 2018. Entries should be forwarded by the County Association on forms that will be supplied to them.

Master Points

Qualifying round: 0.25 Green Point per 7-board match won (0.13 for a draw), other length matches pro rata.
Final: 0.50 Green Point per match won (0.25 for a draw), plus bonus ranking awards to the top three teams (3.50, 2.00 & 1.00 respectively)


Level 4 agreements are permitted in all events.

Terms and Conditions