Garden Cities Trophy

Regional Finals: 8th May 2022 - RealBridge; National Final: 18th June 2022 (Coventry Bridge Club)

The competition is for the winners of each County’s designated event for affiliated club teams of 8. If the winners are unable to participate, then the invitation is extended to the runners-up. Each County is responsible for deciding the format of its designated event. In practice, some Counties hold a one-off qualifying event and others choose to use a season-long event such as a County League for club teams of 8. Clubs which are affiliated to more than one County may seek to qualify in only one County in each season. They may play in the designated event in another County, if that County’s regulations permit it, but without standing to qualify for the Garden Cities Trophy representing that other County. Any such clubs playing in the designated event in more than one County will be assumed to be seeking qualification to represent their County of primary allegiance, unless they notify the EBU Competitions Department, prior to playing in the qualifying event in any of the Counties concerned, that they are seeking qualification to represent another County. The intention of the competition is that clubs are represented by their regular players or established members. Players must:

  • be registered members of the club they are to represent continuously throughout the period commencing with the date three months before the relevant closing date, and finishing with the last stage of the competition in which they play; and
  • play regularly at the club or for the club, or contribute to the club regularly in some other way (or have done so in previous years, yet be unable currently to do so through some personal circumstance, e.g. illness, work, childcare, etc.).

“Registered member” means a member of the club who is at all relevant times included on the list of members of the club registered with the EBU for the purposes of the Universal Membership Scheme. For the purposes of these regulations the County stage of the competition is considered separately from the Regional and National stages, but the Regional and National stages are considered as a single stage. Accordingly, “the relevant closing date” means:

  • for the County stages, the County’s closing date for entries to its designated event; and
  • for the Regional or National finals, the EBU’s closing date for entries to the Regional Finals.

Players must also comply with any additional eligibility requirements stipulated by the County. Players are not required to owe primary allegiance to the County they represent. Although all players must be EBU members, they are not required to be members of the County they represent, provided that the relevant County regulations permit this. For the avoidance of doubt a club’s participation in the Regional Finals is not prejudiced by the fact that one or more players who have represented it in the County stages may have subsequently become ineligible to represent the club. Similarly, a club’s participation in the National Final is not prejudiced by the fact that one or more players who have represented it in the County stages and/or the Regional Finals may have lost their eligibility. This is subject to the overriding requirement that all players must have been eligible to represent the club on every occasion on which they actually did so at any stage of the competition. Players may participate in qualifying competitions in more than one County (subject to meeting the eligibility requirements of that County), but only for one club within any one County in each season. Having once represented a club in a qualifying competition, a player may not subsequently represent some other club from the same County at any stage of that season’s competition. Furthermore, a player who represents one County in the Regional Final may not represent a different County in the National Final in the same season. Entries to the Regional and National stages must be submitted by an authorised official of either the County or the Club which has qualified to represent the County. Both the County and the club have a responsibility to satisfy themselves that the players comply with all the eligibility requirements set out in these regulations (including any additional eligibility requirements stipulated by the County). Teams are limited to eight playing members in each of the Regional and National Finals, although not necessarily the same eight in the Regional and National Final.

Regional finals The Regional finals will be run as a 13-round round robin of 4-boards event on Sunday 8th May 2022.

National final The National final is due to be played on Saturday 18th June 2022, a light lunch will be provided.

To enter

Entries to the Regional and National stages must be submitted by an authorised official of either the County or the Club which has qualified to represent the County. An entry form is supplied to County Secretaries for this purpose.

Congress Prices

The prices for our online congresses and competitions (including those that have a face-to-face final) are significantly lower than they would have been face to face (about 20% less), but reflect the fact that green-pointed events always attract a premium.

We have worked hard to keep bridge going since the start of the pandemic, but with it still affecting everything we need to continue to work hard to keep the EBU going financially. Although we took advantage of all government support that we were entitled to, made a number of staff redundant and cut costs everywhere we could, we still need to carry on taking care to avoid using our reserves at an unsustainable rate. With the furlough scheme having ended this has become even more difficult.

Competitions are one way of raising the money necessary for the EBU's survival and we will be following this pricing strategy for all our online congresses and major competitions.


2021 York Sheffield: Dave Robinson, Tony Sowter, Richard Pike, David Waxman, Sandy Davies, Bazil Caygill, Arthur Hughes & Dave Banks

Details of the timetable may be subject to change
Day Time (Approximate) Description
Sunday 8th May 11:00am - 2:15pm 6 x 4-board rounds
3:00pm - 6:40pm 7 x 4-board rounds
Saturday 18th June 11:00am - 2:00pm 3 x 7-board rounds
2:45pm - 6:45pm 4 x 7-board rounds
We expect 48-50 boards to be played, a programme with a full schedule will be provided once entries are closed.
Entry Fee £220
Entry fees are per team and should be made in advance. The fees above are for 2022
Closing date for entries is 21st April 2022

Master Points

Qualifying round: 0.25 Green Point per 7-board match won (0.13 for a draw), other length matches pro rata. Final: 0.50 Green Point per match won (0.25 for a draw), plus bonus ranking awards to the top three teams (3.50, 2.00 & 1.00 respectively)


Level 4 agreements are permitted in all events.


Venue and Tariff

The Qualifier will take place online via RealBridge.

The Final is planned to take place live face to face at the Coventry Bridge Club, a light lunch will be provided.