Tollemache Cup

Qualifier: 21st - 22nd November 2020 on RealBridge* | Final: 20th - 21st February 2021, on RealBridge*

The Tollemache Cup is the inter-county championships for teams of eight.

Entry is open only to County Associations of the EBU and District Associations of the WBU please refer to the eligibility regulations for more details. Teams are limited to 14 playing members, this applies only to the 2020 Qualifier. For the 2021 Final and subsequent years, the limit will be 12 players. The players in a team can be different in qualifying round and the final.

The qualifying event, on 21st - 22nd November 2020, will be played as an all-play-all event, rather than in sections. Play will be from 11am until approximately 6.30pm on both days, with a break for lunch about half-way through. Exact match times will depend on the number of teams playing. We will aim to play 90-100 boards over the two days. The top eight teams will qualify to play in the final on 20th - 21st February 2021 hosted on RealBridge, unless face-to-face bridge has re-started.

**Programme: 27 teams – draw has changed; corrected 17/11/2020**

To enter

Entry is open only to County Associations of the EBU and District Associations of the WBU please refer to the eligibility regulations for more details.

County Secretaries will be provided with an entry form by EBU staff at a suitable time ahead of the event.

Congress Prices

The prices for this congress are significantly lower than they would have been face to face, but reflect the fact that green-pointed events always attract a premium. Players are also saving a significant amount of money in travel and accommodation costs.

We have been working hard to keep bridge going over the last six months, but with no end in sight we also need to work hard to keep the EBU going. Despite taking advantage of all government support that has been available, making a number of staff redundant and cutting costs everywhere we can, we are still using our reserves at an unsustainable rate. With the furlough scheme coming to an end this will only get worse.

Competitions are one way of raising the money necessary for the EBU's survival and we will be following this pricing strategy for all our online congresses and major competitions.


Middlesex: Neil Rosen, Anne Rosen, Ian Pagan, Shahzaad Natt, Todor Tiholov, Steve Root, Keith Bennett & Richard Hillman





Qualifier Timetable

**updated due to late entries**

Qualifier Weekend (27 rounds with 5 minute breaks)

21st - 22nd November 2020

Saturday 10:45am - 2:45pm

7x4-board rounds

3:30pm - 7:30pm

7x4-board rounds

Sunday 10:45am - 2:10pm

6x4-board rounds

3:00pm - 7:00pm

7x4-board rounds

Finals Timetable

Finals Weekend

20th - 21st February 2021

Saturday 10:30pm - 12:20pm

Match 1

12:30pm - 2:20pm

Match 2

3:30pm - 5:20pm

Match 3

5:30pm - 7:20pm

Match 4

Sunday 10:30am - 12:20pm

Match 5

12:40pm - 2:30pm

Match 6

2:40pm - 4:30pm

Match 7

Entry Fees

2020/21 £352 per team, which amounts to £44 per player for two days’ bridge

Entries should be submitted only by County Associations of the EBU or District Associations of the WBU, on entry forms that will be supplied to all County Secretaries. Closing date for entries is 9th November 2020.

Master Points

Qualifier: Green Points per match won or drawn at standard EBU rate – e.g. 0.14 per 4-board match, 0.07 for a draw. There are no bonus awards for overall ranking in the qualifier.
Final: 1 Green Point per match won (1/2 for a draw), plus bonus ranking awards to the top four teams (6, 3, 2 & 1, respectively).

Level 5 agreements are permitted in this event.

Venue and Tariff

Qualifier and Final

The Qualifier will take place online via RealBridge.
The Final will also be played via RealBridge.


RealBridge is a new online bridge platform currently undergoing extensive testing among clubs and national organisations across the world. Its most distinctive feature is that it uses your computer's camera and microphone (if it has them) to provide video and audio of the players at the table, aiming to replicate the experience of playing face to face.

We will provide more information about this as it becomes available and there will be opportunities for players to check their video/audio equipment and try out the playing experience before the event takes place.

Terms and Conditions