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Guide to Registering for an EBU Tournament on Bridge Base Online (BBO)

The EBU has tournaments on BBO each day at 1200, 1400, 1530, 1930 and 2100 UK time. Each tournament is 12 boards and is scored by matchpoints. The game at 1200 each day is a fast pairs with 5 minutes per board, the other tournaments are 7 minutes per board. All tournaments have Master Points awarded and are processed for NGS. In addition there are relaxed tournaments restricted to players with NGS grade of 9 and below. These are also 12 boards and take place at 1100 and 1930.

1) If you have not already registered with BBO you can find instructions for doing that here.

2) Go to, click 'Play Bridge Now'. Enter the User name and Password you chose when you registered and then click Log In. You should now be logged on and it should look like this:

3) Before you can play in an EBU game you will need to purchase some BB$ which is the currency used on BBO. 1 BB$ is equivalent to 1 US Dollar. EBU games cost 2.30 BB$. It is strongly recommneded to buy BB$ through the BBO website and not through the app as a siginificant surcharge is added when purchasing through the app.

4) Click BB$ top right

5) Click Purchase BB$

6) Enter your BBO username and Password and click Continue

7) Select the amount (in USD) of BB$ that you would like to purchase. Fill in the Name, Address and Card Details and click Purchase.

8) After purchasing your BB$ return to the main BBO screen and click ‘Competitive’

9) Then click ‘All Tournaments’

10) If there is an EBU tournament starting in the next 2 hours you can find it by typing ‘ebu’ where it says Search (just above Entries).

11) Click on the name of the Tournament

12) Specify you partner’s name, this is their BBO username and then click ‘Invite (2.30 BB$). You partner will also need to be logged on to BBO so they can accept your invitation.

13) You are then free to logoff BBO but make sure you are back online at least a few minutes before the start of the game. If you are not online at the time of the start of the game you will not be included in the movement even if you have already registered.

14) During the tournament any non natural bids should be self alerted. Information on this and on calling the director can be found here.

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