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Scoring a Pairs Event

Getting Started

The following page refers to EBUScore Pairs, for scoring normal Pairs events.
The methodology is very similar for the Teams and Individual programs. There is a little more to the 'Swiss' programs, but they nevertheless share a lot of the features.


See the download page for downloading the software. At the conclusion of the download procedure, you will be given the opportunity to launch EBUScore automatically. But otherwise…


Different versions of Windows have different characteristics.
As part of the downloading procedure, you probably created a shortcut on your desktop. Double click on this, or find “EBUScore Pairs” from your Start Menu.
Once you have launched, you will see the…

The main menu has seven items:

  • Pairs Events
  • Player Database
  • Movement Library
  • Import/Export Event
  • Masterpoints
  • Administration
  • Exit

If you want to go straight into running an event, click on 'Pairs Events'.
You might want to take a look at the Player Database first, but do not concern yourself (yet) with the next four buttons.
“Exit” should be self-explanatory!

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