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Scoring a Pairs Event

Entering Player Names

You can just type in the player names in the right place! Alternatively…

  1. You can select players from your Player Database.
    You can see a list of players on your database in the bottom right of this screen (at present I have only one player recorded!) Click on one of the letters below to restrict the list to players with surnames beginning with that letter.
    Make sure that the correct cell is selected before you click on a player from the list.
  2. You can enter an EBU number. If there is a player on your database with that number, they will appear; if not, EBUScore will check for that number on a list of current EBU members (it won't find lapsed members, or players that have not yet been registered by the club as members).
  3. You can enter a club membership number, if those have been properly set up. In the example above, Ian Mitchell is member number 1, so just entering '1' in the right cell brings up his name.


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