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What are BB$ and where do we buy them?

BB$ is the online currency used by BBO. BB$1 is equivalent to 1 US Dollar or currently about 80p. BB$ can be purchased here here. BB$ should not be purchased through the BBO app as a surcharge will be applied.

Our club members are concerned about buying BB$, is there another option?

Yes there is. If the club chooses they can setup their games up so that the players do not pay anything when they register and the club is then charged for use of the BBO platform instead. The standard amount the club would be charged by BBO would be $1 per person per session although if the club will be charging members more than £2.50 to play then BBO will increase this to 30% of what the club is charging. This is in line with the original price model where 30% of all table money is retained by BBO. The club would be responsible for collecting the table money from the players. The money charged by BBO would be invoiced to the club by the EBU in addition to their UMS (P2P) fees.

How long will we have to play each board and what happens if we run out of time?

The default is 8 minutes per board and to begin with this is probably a good amount of time. Once players are more comfortable playing online this could be reduced to 7 minutes per board. If all tables finish before the allowed time has run out then the tables will move for the next round automatically so you will never be waiting if all tables have finished.

If you are still playing when the time runs out then the software or the director will review the board and adjust to the most likely outcome. It is not possible to give a weighted ruling and so one outcome has to be chosen which is considered to be the most likely. Only where the possible outcomes are too numerous will an average be given. The software and the director are not infallible so if you do not agree with the adjusted outcome please call the director and ask them to review it.

When does registration open for a club game?

Registration opens 2 hours before the start time. Both members of a partnership need to be online in order to register.

How do we register for a club game?

Is there a partnership desk?

There is a partnership desk which is available

What happens if there’s a half table?

If a pair have registered but then miss the start will their entry fee be refunded?

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