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Welcome to the Event Hub for the Summer Meeting 2023. Here you will find links to results, articles, important information and photos from the event. We hope you'll check back frequently as this is updated. For information and links to help plan your trip to Eastbourne please see the 'Summer Meeting' information page.

Live Results for Swiss Pairs

Live Travellers for Swiss Pairs


Timetable Times Session
Thursday 10th August 19:30 - 22:30 Mixed and Open Pairs
Friday 11th August 11:00 - 18:30 Swiss Teams
  20:00 - 22:00  Serious Fast Pairs
Saturday 12th August 10:00 - 10:45 Discuss it with an Expert
  11:00 - 18:30 Swiss Pairs Championship (Session 1)
  12:00 - 18:00 Swiss Pairs Lite* (one day)
  20:00 - 22:00 Serious Fast Pairs
Sunday 13th August 11:00 - 18:30 Swiss Pairs Championship (Session 2)
  12:00 - 18:00 Swiss Pairs Lite* (one day)

*LITE events are shorter 6 x 6-board Swiss Pairs events, which may appeal to less experienced players though anyone is permitted to play in them.


Social media

You can follow us on Twitter - @EBUaylesbury - and Facebook during the congress. As well as posting things here we will also post them on our accounts so will get the news straight to your timelines.


Live Results for Swiss Pairs

Live Travellers for Swiss Pairs

Sunday 13th Swiss Pairs Championship                                   
Session 3
Swiss Pairs Championship (Overall)                                    
Session 4
One day Swiss Pairs lite                                   
Saturday 12th Swiss Pairs Championship                                   
Session 1
Swiss Pairs Championship                                   
Session 2
One day Swiss Pairs lite                                   
Serious Fast Pairs
Friday 11th Swiss Teams     Serious Fast Pairs
Thursday 10th Mixed Pairs Open Pairs    


By Brian Senior 
The Practical Bid
Monkeys and Typewriters
What's in a Lead


News and updates

AUG-13, 19:30  

The Swiss Pairs Championship for the Harold Poster Cup has been won by Ben Norton & Stefano Tommasini (pictured below), with a score of 171 VPs. In second place were Eran Assaraf & Lee Rosenthal with a final score of 160 and in third place were John Noonan & Maria Whelan with 157 VPs.

John Noonan & Maria Whelan (pictured below) were also the Seniors Pairs winners. 

The Brighton Plate was won by Grzegorz Blicharz & Maks Blicharz (pictured below) with a score of 124 VPs. 

The overall winners of the Swiss Pairs Lite were Evelyne Thomas & Stephen Martin (pictured below).

The Sunday Swiss Pairs Lite had joint winners Simon Porter & Anthony Collins and Cathy Macnaughton & Maureen Walker with a score of 85 VPs. In joint third place were Franco Civello & Andy Osborn and John Austin & Ron Seymour with a score of 74 VPs.


Following the break, there was a presentation of the trophies won at the congress so far:

Mixed Pairs winners: (pictured below, from left) Ceri Pierce & Eric Cummings

Open Pairs winners: (pictured below) Ravi Athwal (not pictured, Croz Croswell)

Seniors Teams winners: (pictured below, from left) Derek Oram & Celia Oram (not pictured, Peter Lindon & Dee Lindon) 

Swiss Teams competition for the Brighton Bowl: (pictured below, from left) Tom Paske, Sara Moran, Diana Nettleton,  & Andrew McIntosh

Photo of four people smiling at the camera and holding a trophy

The second and final day of the Swiss Pairs Championship for the Harold Poster Trophy is now underway. There will be a break for lunch between 14.15 and 15.15, with play finishing around 18.30. 
AUG-12, 22:00 The Serious Fast Pairs (Saturday) was won by Kostadin Vasilev & Anton Mauve with a score of 61.90%. In second place were Gordon Rainsford & Jonathan Lillycrop, and in third place were Grzegorz Blicharz & Maks Blicharz. 

Congratulations to the winners of the Saturday Swiss Pairs Lite, Evelyne Thomas & Stephen Martin (pictured below). They scored a total of 88 VPS, finishing just 1 VP ahead of second placed pair Peter Randall & Liza Furnival. In third place were Eddie Williams & Sue Millard with 83 VPs.

The first day of the Swiss Pairs Lite is now underway with 8 tables.

The first session of the Swiss Pairs Championship for the Harold Poster Trophy is now underway with 65 tables. 

Swiss Pairs session 1


This morning's "Discuss it with an Expert" session is now taking place with Chris Jagger talking through some of the hands from yesterday's Swiss Teams. 

Photo of Chris Jagger standing in front of a white board and talking to a group of people

The Serious Fast Pairs (Friday) was won by Anthony Golding & Francis Morton with a score of 65.48%. In second place were Nigel Lancaster & David Benjamin with a score of 62.80% and Gideon Harvey & Daniel Winter were third with 61.01%.
The Swiss Teams competition for the Brighton Bowl was won by the team of Tom Paske, Diana Nettleton, Andrew McIntosh, Sara Moran, with 100 VPs. They were just 2 VPs ahead of the second placed team of Michael Byrne, Kieran Dyke, Stefano TommasiniBen Norton. In third place was the team of Mike Bell, Marion Robertson, Paul Barton, Antone Huang with 92 VPs.

The Swiss Teams for the Brighton Bowl is now underway with 50 tables 


Congratulations to the winners of the Mixed Pairs and Open Pairs from yesterday evening's session.

Winners of the Mixed Pairs, Eric Cummings & Ceri Pierce:

Photo showing the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne, full of bridge players sat at tables

Winners of the Open Pairs, Croz Croswell & Ravi Athwal:

Photo showing the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne, full of bridge players sat at tables

AUG-10, 19:40

The 2023 Summer Meeting is now underway, with the Mixed Pairs (19 tables) and Open Pairs (16 tables). If you are joining us for the weekend, please pick up your goodybag from the welcome area.

  Photo showing the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne, full of bridge players sat at tables

JUL-31, 14:00 The programme for the 57th EBU Summer Meeting is now available to view: Summer Meeting 2023 Programme
JUL-24, 16:00 Photo of the outside of the Winter Gardens venue in Eastbourne. It has been repainted white with colourful facia boards

 The Winter Gardens venue has had a lovely makeover in time for the Summer Meeting this year

With just over a month to go before the Summer Meeting, book your bridge and accommodation now to avoid missing out!

System cards

You are required to have a pair of identical completed system cards and you should exchange them with your opponents at the start of each round. If you do not have two completed system cards, you will be provided with blank ones to fill out before play may continue, receiving a score of average minus for any boards unplayed due to the time lost in doing this - so please come prepared. Since old-style EBU 20A cards are no longer authorised, we would urge all players who are filling out new cards to do so on the more recent EBU 20B card. WBF system cards are not permitted in any of the competitions in this event. Visitors from abroad are asked to take particular care to comply with this. Blank cards, and some pre-completed cards, are available on the System Cards page.

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